How it Works


From minor handyman tasks to larger maintenance and repair issues, ET’s will treat your project with care. We follow the same process of inspection, planning, communication and execution for every job. We stay in touch through completion.

We're here to serve! How can we help?


We inspect acute problems before we start working so we can fix it right the first time. This means listening to your explanation of what’s wrong and why it bothers you. We’ll look at pictures you have and head out to your house to inspect in person if needed. It’s important to have a correct diagnosis so that our repair plan addresses the real problem with the right tools.


Before we show up with our tools, we create a plan. Founded by a project manager, ET’s creates a detailed strategy that accounts for materials, workflow, team assignments, budget and schedule for bigger projects like roofing, painting, countertops and anything else you don’t want to take on yourself. Leave the headaches to the pros


We complete every repair in accordance with our standards and processes: We respect you, your home, ourselves and our industry. We are trustworthy and honor the agreements we make with you. We are reliable and use durable materials, high-pigment paints and professional techniques so that you can count on our repairs for years to come.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix my _____ ?

Yes! (Probably …)

We have experience in all kinds of home repairs. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of jobs we’ve done:

  • Appliances
    • Replace dishwasher
    • Replace water heater
    • Install Washer/Dryer
    • Replace stove
    • Replace built in microwave
    • Fireplace repair
    • Replace garbage disposal
  • Garage
    • Install Garage Door and/or Opener
    • Custom or stock storage shelves and cabinets
    • Painting garage floor
  • Carpentry
    • Replace/repair cabinetry
    • Build custom furniture (bookshelves, animal cages, fish tank stand)
    • Replace/repair doors and/or frames (interior or exterior)
    • Molding replacement/installation - baseboards and crown molding
    • Window replacement/repair
    • Screen replacement/repair
  • Painting & drywall
    • Interior painting, walls, ceiling, trim
    • Mask, prime, paint, cleanup
    • Drywall hole repair (matching texture)
    • Drywall replacement (to fix water damage, stains, holes)
    • Caulking for aesthetics, insulation, repel water
    • Wallpaper removal and install
  • Electrical
    • Replace light fixtures
    • Install ceiling fans
    • Replace wall sockets and light switches (replace old ones with new ones for aesthetics and safety)
    • Bathroom fan replacement
  • Landscape
    • Design and build custom deck and patio cover
    • Design and build custom Screen Porch or Catio
    • PowerWashing
    • Custom Playscape
  • Doors, Windows and Trim
    • Replace interior and exterior doors
    • Install keyless deadbolts (required by law on all rental properties in Texas)
    • Replace or install locks, handles
    • Repair rotted jam
    • Window replacement (For broken glass, call a glass replacement shop)
    • Custom trim, door & window casing
  • Exterior - Siding
    • Paint exterior siding
    • Repair rotted siding and trim
    • Install Hardie Siding
    • Repair Masonite Siding
    • Replace rotted water-table
    • Replace rotted framing (behind rotted siding)
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    • Replace or refinish cabinets
    • Tile backsplash, tub and shower surround
    • Custom Shower
    • Kitchen countertops, island
    • Sinks, tubs, showers, toilets
    • Hardware (towel rod, hooks)
    • Grab Bars
    • Door & Drawer pulls and knobs
    • Repair broken drawers, doors and hardware
  • Flooring
    • Tile
    • Laminate
    • Hardwood
    • Sealed concrete
    • Carpet
  • Plumbing repair
    • Leak repairs
    • Replace old faucet
    • Repair dripping faucet
    • Replace/repair toilet
    • Replace/repair shower hardware
    • Install faucet aerators

I already started the job myself but I think I need help!

Will ET’s work on partially completed projects? Yes!

Whether you got too busy or you’re in over your head, sometimes it’s better to bring in the experts. Use the Make an Appointment link to tell us about the status of your job and what you need finished. We will discuss your situation with you, inspect the current repair progress in a virtual or in-person inspection, and create a plan for how to get it done quickly and safely.

How do I pay for services?

First, you will receive a detailed estimate. For quotes under $1000, you will pay after the repair is completed.

For quotes over $1000, you will pay a deposit and additional portions when job milestones are completed until the job is complete and the entire balance is paid.

Do I need to be home during the repair?

No. You can give us a key, we'll place a lockbox on your property.

You can give us a key, we'll place a lockbox on your property. We'll tell you the code so you can remove the key anytime. This way we can let ourselves in when you won't be there to let us in. Please have the area clean and accessible. Go ahead and remove any thing of significant value (sentimental or financial) from the work area. We are careful, but this is a work area and we don't want to damage grandma's heirlooms or get dust on your gadgets.

How do I know ET's Repair and Renovation is right for me?

We are experienced, successful and insured.

We can show you examples of previous work and client testimonials to back up our claims, but most importantly we will earn your trust through our work process. We follow a specific workflow that includes ample communication with you and with each other so that we create an accurate plan for your job. We let you know when we are coming, who will be arriving and when. We are transparent about what project costs. We have learned that communication, respect and neatness go a long way.

Do you serve my neighborhood?

Our service area extends out from our hometown of Kyle, Texas.

We are based in Kyle and service surrounding communities within about a 20 mile radius, covering the south side of Austin, Buda, San Marcos, Dripping Springs and Lockhart. Give us a call if you are nearby and wondering if we can get to you now or sometime in the future.